Invest in your future – part-time student position

- Arbeta med oss : 2024/03/22

We are looking for talent! Are you, or do you know, our next colleague?

OQAM is an investment firm that primarily develops and implements investment strategies for professional investors and other financial firms. We are value-driven and have an open-minded and innovative culture. This is combined with a genuine and passionate interest in finance, people, and technology. We will soon launch new investment products and are therefore looking for a pair of extra hands to help us with the daily operations.

We put great pride in being able to employ students and help them gain practical experience. We promise a steep learning curve and that you receive an important role at the company. For more insights into the different student projects (internal and external) OQAM has been involved in see Students + OQAM = win-win.


Read more about the position here